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EOS Blockchain Email

Email on the New Internet

A major problem with crypto in general, is most people are skipping email and other identifiable logins, and just logging in with their wallets. Since EOS has really nice wallet account names, why couldn’t we use those as an email address instead.

UX Design

From conceptualization to flow with interconnected wireframes, we took the dmail vision and made it a touchable reality.

App Development

Leveraging the trusted rapid and agile development frameworks Node.js + GraphQL and React Native, dmail was brought to life.


Popstand was there every step of the journey, all the way through launching dmail seamlessly. That is our commitment.

Client:dmail labs LLC.

Date:1 April, 2019

Because dmail uses (MAIL) tokens to sign transactions. Those who send a ton of messages will have to buy (MAIL) tokens which will ensure this new approach will be *much less* spammy.

People are creating millions of dollars in transactions in crypto… consuming all kinds of services simply by logging in with their wallet. It’s a new trend that is bypassing email altogether.