Mobile, Web

HIPAA Compliant Messenger

Challenge Accepted

Currently, the medical community is behind the times in communication technology. Medroster messages are encrypted and deleted after (amount of time) to comply with HIPAA standards. Eliminating inefficient phone calls and emails.

UX Design

From conceptualization to flow with interconnected wireframes, we took the Medroster teams vision and made it a touchable reality.

App Development

Leveraging rapid development tools and technologies. Medroster was brought to life, built upon Ruby on Rails and React Native.


Popstand was there every step of the journey, all the way through launching Medroster seamlessly. That is our commitment.

Client:Medroster Inc.

Date:11 April, 2019

With security and productivity in mind, Medroster was designed to help healthcare workers communicate effectively with patients and colleagues – eliminating the need for inefficient phone calls and emails.

The Medroster platform is fully customizable! With the Places & Spaces features, organize your communications to reflect your real office – ensuring your messages always go to the right team, every time.