Sense Chat


Decentralized EOS Blockchain DApp

Secure Wallet & Messenger

Sense.Chat allows you to safely chat and transact with your friends and family. Share EOS and SENSE with the built-in wallet. Connect securely through the blockchain, with anyone.

UX Design

From conceptualization to flow with interconnected wireframes, we took the Sense.Chat teams vision and made it a touchable reality.

App Development

Leveraging rapid development tools and technologies. Sense.Chat was brought to life, built upon EOS Blockchain and React Native.


Popstand was there every step of the journey, all the way through launching Sense.Chat seamlessly. That is our commitment.

Client:Sense Chat Labs

Date:7 March, 2019

Sense Chat uses keys to authenticate accounts. Each account has a public key stored on the EOS blockchain. Each public key has a corresponding private key completely controlled by each user.

Sense Chat utilizes EOS blockchain for secure message transfer. This protocol leverages features inherent to EOS accounts to create identities for communication and transactions.