Crypto Portfolio Tracker

Mission: Asset Management

Squirrel is the most secure Bitcoin, Ethereum & Cryptocurrency portfolio tracker. All of the data is served with military-grade encryption at-rest and in-transit, giving the user peace of mind.

UX Design

From conceptualization to flow with interconnected wireframes, we took the Squrriel teams vision and made it a touchable reality.

App Development

Leveraging rapid development tools and technologies. Squirrel was brought to life, built upon Ruby on Rails and React Native.


Popstand was there every step of the journey, all the way through launching Squirrel seamlessly. That is our commitment.

Client:GetSqurriel Inc.

Date:13 March, 2018


Squirrel was built for people who are nuts about tracking their digital assets. If you’re a blockchain enthusiasts that wants to track all of your holdings from one app, Squirrel has your assets covered.

Fast setup and ease of use are among our top priorities for Squirrel users. Simply add your assets, select your preferred data points, and leave on your desk for real-time tracking.