White Rabbit

Mobile, Web

Crypto ICO Discovery

Follow the White Rabbit

Discovering and finding great ICOs is extremely difficult. There are all these scammy dudes trying to sell you total garbage, some of it is straight up snake oil. Introducing White Rabbit!

UX Design

From conceptualization to flow with interconnected wireframes, we made the White Rabbit vision and made it a touchable reality.

App Development

Leveraging rapid development tools and technologies. White Rabbit was brought to life, built upon Ruby on Rails and React Native.


Popstand was there every step of the journey, all the way through launching White Rabbit seamlessly. That is our commitment.

Client:White Rabbit

Date:14 February, 2018


White Rabbit has the mission of trying to make the process of seeking out great ICOs more convenient for people and also want to make it easier for ICOs to get correct info to investors.

White Rabbit provides simple design and social signaling using favorites. Quickly search the ICO you hear at the next YCombinator dinner or crypto event, favorite it, so you know when to buy.